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Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange is more than a chocolate, it’s an experience. Tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it: this ritual has been tempting the United Kingdom since 1932 and has recently become popular in the U.S. market with several million balls sold each year. There is nothing else like it! 

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a subtle combination of delicious chocolate and natural extracts of orange oil, wrapped up in its original rounds shape that breaks into 20 single segments when tapped on a hard surface.

This unique and interactive format has made the Terry’s Chocolate Orange a must-have Christmas stocking-stuffer and the perfect token gift all year round.

The business began in 1767 with the opening of a store close to Bootham Bar, York, selling lemon and orange candied peel and other sweets. In 1823, Joseph Terry joined the company and, using his chemist skills, he developed new lines of chocolate, confectionery, candied peel and marmalade.

For many years there was no orange in sight! In fact, the brand was originally called Terry’s Chocolate Apple. However, production of this product eventually stopped and in 1932, a surprising chocolate was born: the Terry’s Chocolate Orange! In the chocolate industry, it was a revolution, and the delicacy found immediate success.

Since then, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has not stopped innovating, regularly launching new formats and flavors to delight consumers. So don’t wait any longer: tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it!


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