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July is National Indendent Retailer Month

Did you know that July is National Independent Retailer Month?


Wherever you’re from, chances are there was a small independent business that played an important role in your life. Maybe it was the 5 & dime you and your family went to on Friday nights after dinner.  Or the ice cream shop that gave you your first summer job. It might not have occurred to you at the time, but these small independent businesses helped make your community what it was; unique.

I am not going to lie, starting a business is risky, and I am always thankful when people choose to shop with us over one of the many larger competitors.  I am willing to bet if you ask any of my fellow independent business owners, they feel the same way.  Without the continued support of the community, we would be no more.    Therefore small, independent businesses strive to provide great products and services and tend to give back to local charities at a higher rate than national chains.  For every $100.00 you spend at a local independent business $68.00 goes right back into the community, while only $3.00 stay in your community when you spend that same $100.00 at a national chain. 

July is a great month to be excited about the small independent businesses that call the Spring-Ford and PV area home.  These businesses help tie the communities together, transforming otherwise innocuous places into areas people want to congregate and spend time.  In addition to buying products and services from your favorite small, independent businesses here are some easy ways to share your excitement. 

  1. Share and comment on their content on social media
  2. Take pictures and share them on your social media
  3. Leave positive reviews of small businesses online
  4. Tell your family and friends about them

Thank you for helping me and all the other business owners realize our dreams.  We all have dreams, and we all want them to be supported.  Know that when you shop our Independent small businesses, you are supporting the dreams of others and it is very much appreciated!

Want more information about National Independent Retailer Month ?  Look them up at

We cant wait to celebrate with you!

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